Randy Otto is Winston Churchill

The Norris Theatre

Forged over four decades of passionate academic study, countless speaking engagements & theatrical performances, Randy Otto's portrayal of Winston Churchill is unforgettable, entertaining and full of passion, attention to detail and quick wit. This powerful, interactive “Churchill-Fueled” one-man play is an impactful show for the entire family.

Some Endorsements

"What impresses me about Randy is not just his portrayal of Churchill, but his mastery of the historical sources underpinning his characterization, and his enthusiasm for its importance." - Allen Packwood Director, Churchill Archives Centre Churchill College, Cambridge University, Cambridge UK

"Recently I had the opportunity to see Randy Otto portray Winston Churchill. His portrayal was marked by gusto and panache, sparking many questions from the audience, which he answered with Churchillian brevity and wit. An evening spent with Randy Otto is as close as you will come to an evening with the colossus of the age, Winston Churchill." - John Ross Truman, Grandnephew of President Harry S. Truman

"Randy Otto is an entertaining and memorable Winston Churchill. His passion for the great man, attention to detail, and quick-wit make his performances enjoyable and instructive. It was a pleasure to have him on our campus." - Dr. Larry Arnn, President Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI

"I have seen Randy perform and agree with what others have said, 'Randy Otto is to Winston Churchill as Hal Holbrook is to Mark Twain.'" - Tim Riley – Executive Director, National Churchill Museum – Westminster College, Fulton, MO