Palos Verdes Performing Arts is pleased to announce auditions for A CHORUS LINE.
Christine Negherbon: Director & Choreographer, Sean Alexander Bart: Music Director & Conductor, Carrie Hiramatsu: Production Stage Manager, Joel Sluyter: Producer, Julie Moe-Reynolds: Executive Producer 

   - Everyone cast in the show MUST be at least 18 years of age.
   - Auditions: Invited Auditions on Sunday, Feb 4 and Open Call Auditions on Monday, Feb 5. Please email JoelS@PVPerformingArts.com for more information. 
   - Rehearsals begin on April 1; Mondays-Thursdays from 3-11pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10-6pm. Performances run at the Norris
​​​​​​​Theatre the weekends of April 26 – May 5, 2024.
   - Please prepare 32 Bars of a song from the show, that shows off your range. Please have an alternate selection ready if needed.
   - Pay is between $2,000 and $2,500. This includes all pay.
   - Auditions will be held at the Norris Theatre: 27570 Norris Center Dr, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274.

You can park in the parking structure and enter the green room door of the theatre.  


**Other than Zach, anyone else auditioning may be asked to dance after they sing.  Please be prepared for jazz, ballet, tap (soft shoe . . . no tap shoes needed) and hip-hop.  
Everyone will sing from the show.  

**This production of A CHORUS LINE will be set in present time, 2024.  The creative team is looking for YOUR current interpretation of these characters.  Don’t look to how it was originally done for your cues on how to build these characters.  Bring modern sensibilities and your personal experiences to the table so that we can create this world together.

Running the Audition (2 male identifying)
ZACH - Director/Choreographer of the show.  Male identifying, all ethnicities.  Strong, opinionated, was a great dancer in his time.  He knows what he wants in life.  

LARRY (Could be female) - Zach’s trusted assistant.  Male identifying, all ethnicities.  Has worked with Zach for a long time and knows his style and what to expect.  

Auditioning Actors (9 female; 8 male – auditioning numbers in parenthesis.
CASSIE FERGUSON (no number) - Range: A3-C#5 (opt. D#5). Female identifying, all ethnicities. Soprano with a very strong mix.  Returning to the chorus after years of being a featured performer.  Extremely technical and skilled dancer. Strong willed & kindhearted. Previously had a relationship with Zach.

SHEILA BRYANT (152) - Range: G3-Bb4 (opt. E3). Female identifying, all ethnicities. Alto. One of the most mature dancers on the line. Brassy, sexy, sassy and sophisticated. One of the more popular dancers, very funny.  

VALERIE CLARK (179) - Range: G#3-C#5. Female identifying, all ethnicities. Mezzo. Sexy, sassy, funny & foul-mouthed. A brazen, direct, attention seeker from Vermont.

DIANA MORALES (2) - Range: G3-C#5 (opt. F#5). Female identifying Latina. Alto. Streetwise, a little bit tough, eternal optimist and starry eyed. A determined athletic dancer from the Bronx.

JUDY TURNER (23) - Range: G#3-C#5 (opt. E5). Female identifying. Mezzo. Funny, gawky, nervous, scatterbrain. Warm and hopeful. Very awkward except when dancing.

KRISTINE URICH (10) - Range: Cb4-Eb5. Female identifying, all ethnicities. Mezzo. Wide-eyed, naïve. Very nervous when not dancing. Married to Al.

MAGGIE WINSLOW (9) - Range: A3-E5 (opt. A5). Female identifying, all ethnicities. Soprano with very strong mix.  A sweetheart, little sister type. Dreamer. Fairly experienced dancer from California.

BEBE BENZENHEIMER (37) - Range: F#3-C#5. Female identifying, all ethnicities. Alto. From Boston. Very insecure about her looks, very funny which is a cover for her insecurities. Feels a little bit excluded but just wants to be liked. 

CONNIE WONG (149) - Range: C4-D5. Female identifying, Asian. Alto. Experienced dancer. Short. Married. A bit of a mother hen with a great sense of humor. Born in Chinatown, Lower East Side, New York.

MIKE COSTA (81) - Range: F3-G#4. Male identifying, all ethnicities. Tenor. Quite aggressive, determined, cocky, sure of himself but likeable. Athletic Tap dancer who worked with Zach before. Experienced and flirts with the girls. From New Jersey.

RICHIE WALTERS (44) - Range: D3-A4 (opt. C#5 & E5). Male Identifying, all ethnicities. Tenor. From Missouri. Black.  Strong dancer, enthusiastic, cool and funny. Very likeable.

DON KERR (5) - Range: D3-F#4. Male identifying, all ethnicities. Baritone. Ladies’ man, married, into cars, money, and women. Hedonist, cool, flirts with Maggie, very sure of himself. All American guy, cocky, worked with Zach before. From Kansas City.

PAUL SAN MARCO (45) - Range: C#3-F#4. Male identifying, Latino. Baritone. Introverted and slightly insecure but loves performing-is only now starting to feel comfortable about being gay and accepted by his parents. From Spanish Harlem, New York. Friends with Diana.

MARK ANTHONY (63) - Range: E3-G#4. Male identifying, all ethnicities. Tenor. Optimistic, first timer, naïve but charming. Great dancer and All-American kid. Hopeful and fresh. Very young from Arizona.

GREGORY GARDENER (67) - Range: D3-E4. Male identifying, all ethnicities. Baritone. Over sexed, over drugged, done it all before. Very conscious of how he looks and appears to others. Quite a smart-alec and has worked with Zach before. Very East Side New York.

BOBBY MILLS (84) - Range: Eb3-C4. Male identifying, all ethnicities. Baritone. Flamboyant, funny, and witty. Very sharp tongued. Covers everything over with a joke, had a very hard childhood. From upstate New York.

ALAN DELUCA (17) - Range: E3-G#4. Male identifying, all ethnicities. Baritone. From the Bronx. Very straight. Street tough, macho, newly married to Kristine.

Others (3 female; 4 male)
Singers/Dancers used in large ensemble numbers, as Offstage Singers and as Understudies.
VICKI (60) - Range: C4-Eb5 (opt. B3), all ethnicities

TRICIA (131) - Range: Bb3-Db5, all ethnicities

LOIS (53) - ballerina; non-speaking. Range: C4-Eb5 (opt. B3), all ethnicities

FRANK (59) - headband boy; non-speaking. Range: C3-Eb4 (opt. B2), all ethnicities

BUTCH (14) - non-speaking. Range: C3-Eb4 (opt. B2), all ethnicities

ROY (36) - wrong-arm boy. Range: C3-Eb4 (opt. B2), all ethnicities

TOM (40) - counts with his mouth; non-speaking. Range: C3-Eb4 (opt. B2), all ethnicities