Master Classes


Rename. Reclaim. 
Get Lit Spoken Word Workshop

October 14 from 2 - 6 pm
Ages: 10+

Rename the Darkness. Reclaim the Light. - In this four-hour workshop Paul Mabon, Get Lit's Manager of Arts Education, and Maia Mayor, will teach the fundamentals of writing, responding and performance. Participants will use classic poetry paired with spoken word to address a label that they have carried with them. They will then discover and uncover language to release and overcome. Participants will use imagery and metaphor to examine how cultural and social landscape has shaped their story. They will then use performance tools and tactics to make their poem come alive. Let poetry be a tool to build a new inner world of power and pride. Rename. Reclaim.

Rename. Writing Your Response. 

Reclaim. Share you Classic and Response.